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A world full of wars, so many nasty words being said
People sleeping in the streets, a sick child lies in a hospital bed
A woman out walking is attacked, a young man gets a king hit
Cyclones and droughts with bush fires deliberately lit

People are missing and young ones getting killed on our roads
Some stranger walks in to a crowd with a bomb that explodes
Then there are diseases like cancer claiming lives everyday
Pensioners struggling for food and with the bills that they pay

What about natures weather bringing flooding rains
There’s also Depression and suicide, and crashing planes
People out of work, struggling with their everyday lives
Anger and divorce between husbands and wives

Our world has people living in fear and living on hope
Waking up each day wondering how they will cope
People are searching for answers but where do they begin
Well if they never give up, it’s their best chance to win

Written by Glenn Tierney
June 13th 2015


Author of Healing Hearts Poems, Grow With Each Sunrise, and LoveMe