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I’m feeling lost in life and things are going wrong
Some days are so bad, I feel I don’t belong
I know that I try really hard, but is that enough
For times I feel so weak and this world seems to tough

I let so many little things simply get to me
And I’m turning into someone I don’t wish to be
There is much good in my life so why do I wear a frown
And why are my emotions going up and down

Well it’s nobody else’s fault and the answers are within
So I must draw on my strengths and simply not give in
For there is so much good in life and things really ain’t that bad
And I need to find that happy me and stop feeling sad

I have so many friends and an amazing family too
And I can confide in them when I don’t know what to do
I will remember that I belong and that so many people care
And I know if I need some help those people will be there

I’m going feel free to cry and ask for help from my friends
And only do positive things and forget those gloomy trends
when I feel sorry for myself and I am to blind to see
I will think of the millions of people worse off then me

today I’m going to clear my mind and open up my heart
And forget all that brings me down and make a new start
Today’s the day I move forward and become a stronger man
For I believe in all I do and the person that I am

Written by Glenn Tierney
July 1 st 2015


Author of Healing Hearts Poems, Grow With Each Sunrise, and LoveMe