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We have two worlds, in which we choose to live
One is full of take, the other full of give
One is full of love, the other full of hate
One can be so terrible, the other really great

One world is full of smiles, the other wears a frown
One world is full of praise, the other brings you down
One world is filled with honesty, the other full of lies
One world is full of laughter, the other with saddened cries

One world speaks kind words, the other nasty remarks
One world flys with eagles, the other swims with sharks
One world is full hope, the other will destroy
One world is filled with anger, the other filled with joy

Which world we choose to live in, well that’s totally up to us
a world that’s very simple, or one that’s full of fuss
a world that’s like a prison, or one where we are free
Hopefully you choose the nicest one, and that’s where you’ll find me

Written by Glenn Tierney
April 18th 2015


Author of Healing Hearts Poems, Grow With Each Sunrise, and LoveMe