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What makes me sad and what makes me run
What makes me happy and what makes me fun
What makes me smile and what makes me cry
What makes me gossip and what makes me lie

Maybe its family maybe it’s others
Maybe it’s sisters maybe it’s brothers
Maybe it’s people just as a whole
Well I believe it’s me, my mind body and soul

What makes me think and what makes me doubt
What makes me silent and what makes me shout
What makes me judge and what makes me stare
What makes me polite and what makes me care

Maybe it’s this world maybe it’s this life
Maybe it’s the husband maybe the wife
Maybe it’s people playing their role
Well I believe it’s me, my mind body and soul

What makes me love and what makes my heart beat
What makes me unsure and what makes me defeat
What makes me arrogant and what makes me abrupt
What makes me hope and what makes me give up

Maybe it’s faith or maybe just luck
Maybe it’s that person always passing the buck
Maybe that partner and the  heart that they stole
Well I believe it’s in me, my mind body and soul

Now it’s up to me when I’m faced with a test
To believe in myself and give it my best
It’s up to me when things don’t go right
To open my heart and follow the light

I must like who I am and like all that I do
I must speak kind words and make sure they are true
I must believe in myself and trust in my heart
I must forget what’s happened and make a new start

I will love the universe and all it’s about
I will work on my spirit and I will help others out
I will laugh everyday and my energy will increase
I will share all my wisdom and I will share all my peace

I’m going to show the world the beautiful me
I’m going to be all that I am and all I can be
I’m going to live without anger and set myself free
Then all the world will know that’s what makes me



Author of Healing Hearts Poems, Grow With Each Sunrise, and LoveMe