A butterfly came to visit me today
It look so pretty but had nothing to say
But it’s here for a reason I thought in my mind
You see butterflies have the answers I’m trying to find

My guardian angel can’t be with me day and night
So she sends me a butterfly to say all is alright
You see Butterflies are sent from our loved ones above
And by sending such beauty they are sending there love

On days when were sad and feeling so down
You can bet a butterfly will be hanging around
And when we are angry there’s no need for alarm
For a butterfly is there to keep us so calm

If someone hurts you or breaks your heart
A butterfly helps you to make a new start
It will lead you to someone perfect for you
Someone who’s special loyal and true

Butterflies are wise butterflies are smart
Butterflies give us the love to open our heart
Butterflies bring us trust and they help us forgive
They give us our freedom and teach us to live

So Next time a butterfly appears before you
Believe in yourself and all that you do
And ask it a question and follow that thought
For that is the answer the butterfly has brought

Written by Glenn Tierney

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Author of Healing Hearts Poems, Grow With Each Sunrise, and LoveMe

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