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put the guns down

There’s mayhem in our world, in every country, city and town,
It’s time to solve problems calmly, please put the guns down,
The answer is not revenge by taking another person’s life,
For you’re killing someone’s loved one, father, mother, husband, wife.

When things go wrong in life, don’t get angry and begin to frown,
Violence and murder is not the way, please put the guns down,
Why should innocent people die because of ones vendetta,
Killing another human being, won’t make the situation any better.

It’s both naive and totally stupid, to take the law into one’s own hands,
There’s no excuse to grab a weapon and start making silly demands,
We all deserve to live in peace, no matter if we’re black, white or brown,
So let’s stop these selfish killings, please put the guns down.

Written buy Glenn Tierney
Monday 1st August 2016 Copyright


Author of Healing Hearts Poems, Grow With Each Sunrise, and LoveMe