Glenn Tierney – Why LOVE ME STORY


When I was about five years old, my dad took me down the back yard nearly every afternoon and taught me how to play footy. He taught me how to catch, pass, kick and tackle so every time I played footy I was never scared because I knew my Dad had prepared me for all that happens on the footy field. When I was around about the age of 15 years old my Dad took me down to the Boxing gym and taught me how to fight. My Dad trained me and got me super fit and when I climbed in the ring for my fights I once again was never scared because i knew my Dad had me ready for the fight.

I considered my Dad a pretty tough guy and often he showed me reason why I thought that. My Dad use to tell me when you walk down the street, walk with pride because you are just as good as any other person walking down the same street. I’m so glad my Dad got me into footy and boxing because they both help me make a lot of new friends and they both taught me some valuable life lessons. I’m so lucky my Dad And Mum didn’t smoke and taught me to look after my health.

Putting my footy and boxing aside for a minute I believe both my Mum and My Dad taught me the most valuable life lesson because they taught me how to love, how to care, how to share and how to respect other people. You see you can be the best footballer in the world, you can be the toughest fighter in the world or even the richest business man in the world but I believe your nothing if you don’t know how to love, care, share or respect others. Now saying this I have changed my whole outlook on what life is about.

Today I have an entirely different outlook on what makes you tough. These days I believe being tough is being who you want to be and not giving into people who want to change you for the worse. Being tough was seeing my Mum battling cancer and never giving up no matter how sick the Chemo was making her. Tough is all those sick little children in Hospital that even though have been dealt a cruel blow in life, keep smiling everyday. Being tough can be as simple as admitting when your wrong and saying sorry.

Now comes the reason I have stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to start my own Women and children’s clothing range. All my working life I can proudly say I’ve been hard working and loyal and never took short cuts, giving 100 percent. I’m the sort of person who if I get paid for 40 hours I will work 50 hours. I have been very successful in my jobs in a sawmill, RSL club, Golf club, Motel and now I proudly work in Tramcars Express coffee shop in Central.Even though I love all the jobs I have done I believe it is time for a new challenge, a time to take a chance in life and hopefully secure my future.

I’ve was a promotion manager at the Gympie RSL Club and came up with all my own promotions and raffle ideas which where all highly successful. Then I took on the managers job at Golf Club and came up with some great ideas to help it grow. Same with the Motel and now Tramcars Express coffee shop. I am single and why enjoying a coffee with girls I consider good friends, twice I heard what I consider a powerful statement from two different ladies. That statement made by both ladies is ” I just want a guy to Love Me”.

I actually heard this quote twice within three days of each coffee date. One night not long after I was watching a show on TV and unbelievably I heard a lady say on a show I just want to find a guy to love me. Now straight away I’m thinking I should make Woman’s caps with love me written on them. A couple of nights later I was watching TV and a little kid opens his mouth and says ” No body loves me” and at that time I said right I’m starting a Woman and children’s clothing range and I’m going to have a logo named ” LOVE ME “.

Anyone knows me knows I’m a pretty passionate guy and one of my life lessons I have learnt is if you believe in something then you should go for it. Well I got a graphic design done of the words LOVE ME and took one look at it and could picture it on clothing all over the world. LOVE ME makes a statement about telling people you love who you are and tells people they should love you for who you are. I’ve had started out in a small way with just a shirts, singlets and caps but my dreams are to grow into more product such as LOVE ME wines, soaps, perfumes etc.

I am extremely excited about my new clothing range and look forward to growing a LOVE ME empire one day. I am also keen to grow my business to the extent where I can donate money to organisation who are doing there best campaigning to stop violence in our community. I would love to see anyone who has kids, grand kids or nieces and nephews etc get behind my products because the more successful my business becomes my promise is to give more to help stop the violence.

 In closing I would like to add that my story I have just written for you has not been edited. The reason for this is part of being who I am is to not hide my mistakes from anyone and just be me. So you might see spelling mistakes and sentences with no coma or question marks etc, but it’s how I write. I never had a good education but I have had valuable life lessons that mean more to me then being perfect at my written English so I hope you enjoyed my story and follow and support me on my exciting adventure.

Kind Regards

Glenn Tierney

Founder of LOVE ME